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Rogue healthcare for change.

Hi there. I’m Jen Finelli, or, professionally, Jen Veldhuyzen, MD, SAMFE. I’m a former military physician and sexual assault medical forensic examiner, with a completed Fellowship of Advanced Wilderness Medicine through the WMS. Online, I’m the rogue doctor–a real person without all the glitter and pedestals upholding the fake prestige of the medical community. I’m open about the real issues facing medical providers–such as a 70 percent higher suicide rate than other professions–and because I’m honest about my own health struggles with PTSD, MDD, and fibromyalgia, I’m better equipped to help you find solutions to better cope with stigmatized chronic illnesses. I hurt, so I understand hurting.

Health Workshops

Take control of your health with life-changing information usually locked behind expensive doctor’s portals and nebulous research studies. You shouldn’t have to resort to Googling and exploring fringe sites...

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Herbals, Experimentals, and Alternatives: Research Consultations

It’s hard sometimes to know what’s BS and what’s real. I hear that. That’s why I did extra time in medical school and during my internship following acupuncturists, studying...

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Sexual health success

I found out early on in my career that there’s a huge lack of sexual health care support, especially for couples embarrassed about sexual success in the bedroom–and many...

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Travel medicine

If you’re on your way out of the country, I’d love to help you get the health information you need before you go. I’m a world-traveling physician with experience...

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Health Coaching

I want to put the power for your healthcare back into YOUR hands. Like if you’re having trouble getting to the bottom of your disease process. Or the doctor...

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I offer limited pay-what-you-want primary care telehealth visits for residents of Virginia, Texas, and Guam here! I can order you labs, medications, and radiology while answering your healthcare questions....

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Let’s talk.

I offer:

Pay-what-you-want health research coaching for those who feel stuck with their health or ignored by their physician. I dig through the literature to find lifestyle changes, new treatments, and research you can bring to your primary care provider, and I’ll help you navigate the healthcare system while advocating for you to your providers. I’m accepting only a limited number of coaching clients so I can spend individualized time with you every week putting the power over your health back into your hands. Email jen (at) with the subject line HEALTH COACHING to see if you’re a good fit.

Health workshops to help you regain control of your health for specific, often-overlooked issues like sexual dysfunction, how to research herbal health claims, and some special free or limited topics like sexual assault recovery. I came up with these because I’ve had a lot of requests for help and information, but because of my health limitations I can’t take everyone as patients. Each workshop is limited and personalized to your questions, so that we can find life-changing solutions that put power back into your hands with knowledge usually hidden behind the medical profession.

Travel medicine consultations, ranging from $25 for 30 minutes (with labs and documents as needed). Limited free spots available for aid workers and military travelers.

Sexual health consultations for couples and individuals struggling with sexual dysfunction, with lab-work and medication as needed. Limited free spots available for sexual assault survivors.

-I’m accepting a limited number of primary care telehealth patients located in Texas, Virginia, Guam, and territories accepting a TX/VA license, on a “pay what you want” DPC model. Because of my own health limitations, I am only accepting a few patients a week, I DO NOT offer clinic visits–home and telehealth only–and at this time I do not prescribe controlled medications. I want to use the limited energy I have to give 100 percent to the patients I can help.

All your support helps me establish an indigent mobile clinic in Luque, Paraguay, where I’m offering home visits for primary care starting 2023.

So watch this space, or email me at jen at byjenfinelli dot com for more information. Let’s talk and see if we’re a good match. Questions? Here’s my CV.