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A healthy, evidence-based food that actually attacks your fatigue (#spoonie doctor explains) #healthcare

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A healthy, evidence-based food that actually attacks your fatigue (#spoonie doctor explains) #healthcare

It’s Jen Finelli here, physician with fibromyalgia, and I’ve got a little talk I gave for free analyzing some of the evidence for a food you may want to add into your normal diet rotation. I’d also like to shout out a great article in Healthline with beautifully cited sources that serves as a great background into what “energy-boosting food” actually means on the scientific level. There’s an unedited transcript below if you’d prefer to read rather than watch.

Below, you’ll find a list of the studies I explained in detail in the video, in case you’d like to do a little digging yourself. Happy eating!

Jen Finelli, MD, SAMFE, FAWM

PS: If you find yourself interested in my psychological project to help you become a real life superhero, you can find more about that here. If you’re interested in the Wellness Project, to optimize your health for whatever you’re facing, that’s here.



Open Biomed Eng J
. 2015 Oct 19;9:314-7. doi: 10.2174/1874120701509010314. eCollection 2015.
Research on the Influence of Anti-fatigue Effect and Movement Ability of Blueberry Polysaccharides on Aged Mice
Bai Bo 1
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PMID: 26998180 PMCID: PMC4774383 DOI: 10.2174/1874120701509010314
Free PMC article
This topic introduces functions, extraction and purification of polysaccharides and focuses on the effect of blue polysaccharides (BPs) on sport capacity, anti-fatigue effect and related physiological indexes in aged mice induced by D-galactose was investigated. Water extract-alcohol precipitation method was used in the experiment to extract polysaccharides from blueberry, after preliminary purification, research on polysaccharide of its vitro antioxidant activity and bacteriostasis is taken, to provide a reference for the production and application of blueberry polysaccharides. Mice were randomly divided into normal control group, aged model group, low-dose BP group, middle-dose BP group, and high-dose BP group. After the administration of BPs for 20 consecutive days, the exhaustive swimming time and fatigue indexes were determined. The results showed that BPs could extend the exhaustive swimming time, decrease the content of BUN, BLA and MDA, and obviously increase the reservation of HG, MG, SOD and LDH. To conclude, BPs has good anti-fatigue effect. This study may provide theoretical evidence for the development of anti-fatigue drugs from BPs.

Keywords: Anti-fatigue effect; blueberry polysaccharides; exhaustive swimming; extraction; purification D-galactose.



J Med Food. 2020 Nov;23(11):1225-1229. doi: 10.1089/jmf.2020.4753.
Ethanolic Extract of Vaccinium corymbosum Alleviates Muscle Fatigue in Mice
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PMID: 33170760 DOI: 10.1089/jmf.2020.4753
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of ethanol extracts of Vaccinium corymbosum (VCE) on exercise-induced fatigue in mice. Mice were randomly divided into three groups; nonexercise control group (CON), exercise control group (Ex-CON), and exercise and VCE supplementation group (Ex-VCE). Compared with Ex-CON, Ex-VCE showed increased endurance exercise capacity on day 21. In Ex-VCE mice, the accumulation of lactate was inhibited and the consumption of fatty acids was enhanced, indicating the delay of muscle fatigue. In addition, VCE supplementation elevated mRNA expression levels of mitochondrial biogenesis-associated genes such as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-1γ coactivator 1α (PGC-1α), nuclear respiratory factor (NRF), and mitochondrial transcription factor A (Tfam) and fatty acid β-oxidation-associated genes such as carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1 (CPT-1), β-hydroxyacyl coenzyme A dehydrogenase (β-HAD), and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-δ (PPAR-δ). These results suggest that VCE can potentially prevent muscle fatigue by enhancing mitochondrial biogenesis and fatty acid β-oxidation.

Keywords: exercise endurance capacity; fatty acid β-oxidation; mitochondrial biogenesis; muscle fatigue • Vaccinium corymbosum.



Randomized Controlled Trial J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2021 Mar 30;18(1):26. doi: 10.1186/s12970-021-00423-7.
Blueberry supplementation reduces the blood lactate response to running in normobaric hypoxia but has no effect on performance in recreational runners
Jason P Brandenburg 1, Luisa V Giles 2
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PMID: 33781280 PMCID: PMC8008513 DOI: 10.1186/s12970-021-00423-7
Free PMC article
Background: Blueberries are concentrated with anthocyanins possessing antioxidant properties. As these properties counter fatigue, blueberry supplementation may improve performance and recovery, particularly in hypoxia, where oxidative stress is elevated.

Methods: This study examined the effects of blueberry supplementation on running performance, physiological responses, and recovery in normobaric hypoxia. Eleven experienced runners completed a 30-minute time-trial (TT) in normobaric hypoxia (%O2 = 15.5 %) on separate days after supplementation with four days of blueberries (BLU) or four days of placebo (PLA). Heart rate (HR), oxygen saturation (SaO2) and ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) were monitored during the TT. Blood lactate and fraction of exhaled nitric oxide (FENO) were assessed pre-TT, post-TT, and during recovery.

Results: No significant differences were observed in the distance run during the TT, HR, SaO2, and RPE. The post-TT increase in blood lactate was significantly lower in BLU than PLA (p = 0.036). Pre-TT and post-TT FENO did not differ between conditions. Blood lactate recovery following the TT was similar between conditions.

Conclusions: Four days of blueberry supplementation did not alter running performance or cardiovascular and perceptual responses in normobaric hypoxia. Supplementation lowered the blood lactate response to running, however, the significance of this finding is uncertain given the absence of an ergogenic effect.

Keywords: Altitude; Anthocyanins; Endurance; Nutrition; Polyphenols; Running.

Another study with the same effect: Randomized Controlled Trial Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2019 Nov 1;29(6):636-642. doi: 10.1123/ijsnem.2019-0040.
Four Days of Blueberry Powder Supplementation Lowers the Blood Lactate Response to Running But Has No Effect on Time-Trial Performance
Jason P Brandenburg 1, Luisa V Giles 2


(FULL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT for hearing impaired:

if you’re trying to become a real life

superhero the things you do and the

things you put in your body matter

because you’re trying to maintain this

beautiful weapon to fight evil do good

to protect others however it is that you

do that maybe you’re just fighting the

darkness of self-doubt and depression

that’s trying to keep you from doing the

things and the good that you want to do

in your life so how do we boost that

energy the first article that I’ve got

for you today is this lovely really

well-sited Healthline article and the

headline does a very good job of raiding

and citing their sources so they get

their things from the National

Institutes of Health and you can see and

track what’s going on and they say the

first thing you need to know is that all

foods give you energy in the form of


think everyone should know that right

but not all foods affect your energy the

same way so when you eat the first thing

that gets digested earliest is

carbohydrates and then proteins and then

fats and it goes in that order in your

digestive system so carbohydrates

usually give you your energy boost first

and quickest and that’s why we as


mammals love and crave things that tend

to be high carbohydrate because we want

those quick boosts if you need to chase

down a predator or something like that

because we are the ultimate Predators we

are human beings dun dun dun

if you need to chase down a predator

um you’ll need these like rapid boost of

energy but you’ll also need this

long-term protein building up those

muscles and those fats for storage for

those you know big bad times when you

don’t have enough food so we tend to

Crave carbohydrates this isn’t all a bad

thing though because the foods that are

going to give you the quickest energy

boost by getting that glucose sugary

stuff right up into your blood

are going to be the carbohydrates but

you don’t have to get carbohydrates that

increase your glycemic index all the

time so your glycemic index basically is

how the glucose gets into your blood and

how quickly it’s metabolized the problem

with a rise that’s too quick

too aggressive is that it then leads to

a crash because all your cells like

slurp up all the glucose then and then

you feel fatigued a natural

analog to this is right after if you’ve

ever been in a huge trauma situation

where like a car accident or after an

assault or

um you know High adrenaline military

situation sometimes right after the

adrenaline surge for that first

situation and after it’s over you’ll

feel a real sore and tired the next day

even if you didn’t do as much physical

assertion as you would with your normal

exercise and that’s because what

adrenaline does is it causes your body

to release glucose very quickly

so that your cells can pull it up really

quickly especially your muscle your

muscles and you can take action

immediately that’s how an adrenaline

search works

well after that

your muscles have usually done more work

than they’re used to you tend to have

you know so that can you can have Micro

tearing and other things like that so

that can be part of the soreness but a

big part of the fatigue is that

um now you’re crashed now you’ve you

know used up that glucose really quickly


so that’s a natural analog to the sugar

highs and sugar crashes that we might

you know feel sometimes so

if you can get carbohydrates that cause

a steady and continuous rise and they

don’t have a high glycemic index they


shoot you really quickly

that’s really ideal one thing I like

about this

Raffine Works caffeine doesn’t work by

literally improving your energy stores

the way food might or sugar might

caffeine works by targeting your nervous

system and blocks the things that make

you feel you know sleepy affects the

part of your nervous system that

literally is going to stimulate Your

Heart Right

because people block adenosine

so I wanted to give you a couple high

energy foods that you can use

immediately you can immediately today

after work pick it up at the store these


first one is I found this phenomenal and

really interesting study on blueberries

and fatigue and mice it was in the open

Journal of biomedical engineering in


and the research article was called

research on the anti-fatigue effect and

movement ability of blueberry

polysaccharides on aged mice by Dr ovai

and some other

they divided mice randomly into a normal

control group and aged model group a

low-dose blueberry polysaccharide group

a middle dose blueberry polysaccharide

group and a high dose poly blueberry

polysaccharide group

after they gave the blueberry

polysaccharide for 20 days

they tested how long it took mice to get

tired during swimming and with their fit

you know and then fatigue indexes it’s

not a very nice experiment a lot of the

fatigue experiments they do on mice

I think order on animal cruelty so I do

want to say that I appreciate the

I think I think we always need to be

recognizing and appreciative of the

sacrifice that animals make in order

that our health can improve and I think

we also always need to be cognizant of

ways we can come up with more humane

models and I think my issue with this

study is this is a study that can be due

on humans like the other study that I’m

going to mention

um in a couple minutes like this kind of

study you could you could test on people

it’s not so dangerous that you need to

test it on mice and you know make them

get tired and scared until they almost

drown that’s really not necessary

there’s other designs you could use to

determine the same thing so

they did find out that the blueberry

polysaccharides at this time extended

the exhaustive swimming time so mice

were able to swim longer without getting

exhausted and decreased their un which

is one of the toxins in your body that

your body releases that your kidneys

have to filter out

and increased a lot of antioxidants like

sod and so forth

um or sorry to sod dismutase so they

improved antioxidation so

blueberry polysaccharides in that

experiment had a good anti-fatigue

there was another study this one is in

the Journal of medical food and this was

in 2020 and they did the ethanolic

extract of vaccinium corumbosum

alleviates muscle fatigue in mild what

is vaccinium corumbosome it’s the high

Bush blueberry which is the kind of

blueberry from that you most commonly

you know see this study also helped


on Maya’s blueberry extract except this

time instead of a particular

polysaccharide formulation this

formulation was an ethanol extract so in

this case the divided the mice into

three groups a non-exercise control

group an exercise control group and

exercise and supplementation group

so compared with the exercise control


the supplementation group showed

increased endurance Exercise capacity on

day 21.

and the accumulation of lactate was

inhibited the consumption of fatty acids

was enhanced indicating the delay of

muscle fatigue in addition vce is what

they’re calling it for short I don’t

know why they just don’t call it like

I guess blueberry all doesn’t sound good

so if you’re fatigued today consider

blueberries as long as you don’t have

some kind of

allergy to it

you can get blueberries even if you

can’t in order to get them in season you

can try to get like extra


things like that

juices if you can’t afford to just eat a

ton of blueberries treat blueberries

like your medicine like every day you

know like how much would you pay for you

know a good medicine that makes a

difference long term for your energy you

know instead of buying an energy drink

bio you know a little bit of blueberry

juice in addition they found that vce

supplementation elevated MNR mRNA


expression levels of mitochondria

biogenesis Associated genes such as

peroxisome proliferator activated

receptor one y Co activator one alpha

and that one why it’s actually like when

camera or something nuclear respiratory

factor and mitochondrial transcription

factor a and fatty acid beta oxidation

Associated Genesis such as carnitine

palmatol transferase

one and a bunch of other ones what does

that mean that means they enhance

mitochondrial biogenesis and therefore

they also enhance fatty acid oxidation

what does that mean two things

in your cells these chains of fatty

acids that your body can then break down

and use for energy right if you enhance

that breakdown basically you have a

faster and better breakdown of that you

will have more energy the other thing

the mitochondrial biogenesis

mitochondria are the things that turn

the energy that you receive from food

into ATP that your cells can use your

mitochondria basically create ATP they

create the energy you’re both

better at breaking down the stores and

oxidizing these fatty acids and you’re

also better at making you know

biogenesis generating new ATP with

blueberry the caffeine question is a

good question because really the answer

to it is don’t skip breakfast because

the thing that’s actually giving you the

energy stores that you’re going to be

able to continue using is you know the

food that gives you the sugars that you

need right or

instead of sugars you can get the nice

complex carbohydrates and then your

proteins and fats that you need to

actually build up the rest of your body

right the if you think about it

proteins are the things that you are

made of so if you don’t eat protein you

run out of you

okay that’s like I mentioned are for

your you know emergency States your

starvation state they’re the things that

you need to continually be using right

and then your carbohydrates are your

short-term energy stores

you need a little bit of all of it which

is why vegetables are so important right

vegetables are technically a kind of

carbohydrate they’re just not what we

call carbs nutritionally when we say I’m

avoiding carbs what me what we mean is

I’m not eating you know pasta and bread

I’m not getting those simple carbs I’m

getting those things that are going to

give me this longer term metabolism


and your green leafy vegetables your

colorful vegetables your vegetables

along the gamut of the rainbow right all

of those also have really important

coenzymes that help other functions in

your body like you know like I said you

are made of proteins well a lot of what

your body does is based on enzymes and

those enzymes which are made of proteins

and also help to make proteins and also

help turn proteins into other proteins

to build their muscle to build your skin

to build your heart to build all the

things that make you after you wear out

over time your immune system everything

everything in you is proteins will those

enzymes that do all that work need

coenzymes to help them out so when you

fail to give your body colorful

vegetables you are crippling your body’s

ability to regenerate itself and build

itself failing to eat vegetables is not

just oh I don’t like it it’s actually

really causing yourself to break down

faster because you’re not helping your

body to function

you know I saw Alex ormozzi who’s the

bodybuilder and a business

Guru do this video about like how he

looks so good and he can still eat pizza

and all these other things

and he makes this excellent point that

to look beautiful and like cut and

whatever you really just need to be

having less calories in than you’re

outputting essentially but

the problem with his way of thinking is

this is not going to improve longevity

you might have good genes and so you

might be lucky

but in general the human being needs to

not die of heart disease to not die of

diabetes to not die of high blood

pressure all of these things as your

body is wearing down

it doesn’t really matter if you look

beautiful if you’re not getting the good

stuff so this is why when I try to

encourage you towards weight loss and

towards eating healthy I’m not really

encouraging the beauty thing so much I’m

encouraging function I want you to be a

hero somebody who can go out and do

things that make a difference for other

people I want your career choices I want

everything you think about

to be towards an actual purpose so that

even when mental illness is coming for

you even when the people around you are

coming for you even when you’re

miserable you can continue because you

have a purpose and you have that strong

mental purpose and your body is fit

towards that purpose I’m serious when I

say I want to help create real life

superheroes I’m not kidding like I

I mean it and so the closest you can get

to developing regenerative powers like

Wolverine or super strength like

Superman is to give yourself the

coenzymes that are going to give you

that regeneration that are going to

build up your musculature and so that’s

why you know vegetables matter so when

we’re talking about energy and we’re

talking about caffeine versus other

energy caffeine is this useful

phytochemical right it’s a chemical that

originally comes from plants that you

can use to stimulate your brain right

but as far as the rest of your body and

getting that energy to combat long-term

fatigue you’re going to want to get your

good coenzymes in there and you’re going

to want to get good carbohydrates and

it’s going to depend it’s this is

another thing is I don’t think a diet

plan for anybody is one size fits all

that’s why this isn’t official medical

advice Because unless you and I and

there’s nobody in the chat right now

that I have an individualized

relationship with unless you have

contacted me to do Health coaching or


you know we haven’t helped to start

figuring out what is your individualized

situation and eating them

unless you’re my patient we haven’t you

know sat down and had an examination and

so forth so

you have to individualize but the

benefit of this kind of information that

I’m offering is even

if you don’t have access to that kind of

individualized care I’m giving you

information so you can kind of figure it


and we’re going to get to that at the

end of this little lecture because we’re

going to talk about

firefighters and this really interesting

study on firefighters that I really

think helps us to think about and figure


what ratios of what foods you really

need because when how often you eat

what you eat

both of those things

they’re going to depend heavily on the

kind of work that you’re needing to do

which is similar to the conversation we

had about anyway so the next randomized

controlled trial I wanted to talk to you

about is a human trial and this was in

the Journal of international the Journal

of the international Society of Sports

Nutrition this was in 2021 and this

study was titled blueberry

supplementation reduces the blood

lactate response to running in normal

barric hypoxia but has no effect on

performance from recreational Runners

and that study was really important to

include because you tend to see the you

tend to see studies reported in the news

that only have positive results right

they only say something new and exciting

when I was working as a ghost blogger

for science direct and scripted and a

bunch of other companies way back like

10 years ago one of the projects that I

was assigned to was this project where

um they were discussing

the problem with current


you know like pops eye and news in that

grad students

because of the way the media works and

because of

the sensationalism of academic

basically of the academic graduate


grad students are being encouraged

always do you know new and exciting

research and there’s not enough emphasis

on Research that replicates or


other research right so if a paper comes

out and says blueberries do this ideally

according to the scientific method the

true scientific method that information

needs to be replicatable replicable we

need to be able to repeat it and get the

same results right that shows that it’s

more likely to be true

but this grad student is more likely to

pick a new research topic than to

replicate a previous experiment because

that’s going to be better for his

research grants

or look better in front of her

professors or whatever and that person

is more likely to get featured in the

media and for like

Pop’s eye to like talk about them or

National Geographic or whatever

if they’re doing something new and

exciting and unfortunately that cheapens

the scientific process


a lot of fields research that says this

does this good thing and not this does

nothing and I think it’s important to

talk about research that says this does

not do this thing so that is why I

pulled this up so

um blueberries are concentrated with

anthocyanins possessing antioxidant

properties they say

and as these properties usually counter

fatigue they’re wondering if blueberries

supplementation and Runners improves

performance and Recovery particularly in

hypoxic Runners and what they found that

is there was no difference in heart rate

oxygen saturation or trial time at least

not statistically significantly in the

distance run so Runner performance did

not improve with blueberries and that

that’s important it’s important to

report on the null hypothesis right

eating blueberries is not going to

suddenly make you faster than the person

next to you

whereas like we talked about in the

other video in some cases depending on

your athletic field and energy drink

might do that in the short term

for performance right and again we

talked about most people shouldn’t have

energy drinks it can kill you if you’re

a kid you certainly shouldn’t they can

give you insomnia blah blah blah and

somebody brought up the good point in

the polls like don’t forget pregnant

women and so forth shouldn’t have it of

course that’s on the label but

blah blah so

things that have a stronger effect

usually also have stronger side effects

right so

taking a handful of blueberries before a

run is not going to suddenly make you

faster than the other guy I don’t want

it to sound like I’m saying that I think

it’s important to mention this however

with this study found that was


oh and another note is they only did the

blueberry supplementation for four days

versus the mice experiments both were 20

days or more

but in these humans specifically these

Runners supplementation lowered the

blood lactate response to running

and they’re saying the significance of

this finding is uncertain given the

absence of an ergogenic effect

but one thing that we do know right

about lactate is that’s the stuff in

your muscles that makes you feel kind of

fatigued and sore so the real

interesting experiment

from the information that we get on this

study would be to see the result not in

time trial but in fatigue and endurance

like was done with the mice that were

forced to continue exercising until they

you know collapsed and started to drown

like I said earlier not nice

also the number of humans is less than

the number of mice to my understanding

it’s 11 18 minutes Runners doing a 30

minute time trial

so bluebirds don’t seem to be a

performance item they seem to be an item

that is going to help with fatigue this

is why somebody like me takes it and

tries to take them to improve things

like chronic fatigue right

because somebody like me

with the all the different chemicals

that are going wrong in my body that

tell my body to be tired when they

shouldn’t some of which have to do with

that adrenaline response that we talked

about earlier

almost 100 of males who have

fibromyalgia like I have

have had combat experience and an

enormously high amount of females have

had like a sexual assault trauma

so it’s fascinating because you’re

talking about groups of people who’ve

had chronically elevated cortisol plus

they’ve had very elevated adrenaline

spikes at different points in time and

that is going to dramatically alter your

metabolism of food and your glucose and

other things like that and it’s also

interesting because people with

fibromyalgia we talked also about immune

system gut function in a previous video

people with fibromyalgia have an altered

amount of bacteria the bacteria in my

gut are different than the bacteria in a

normal person’s gut

well we haven’t tested mine in

particular but theoretically they are

so it’s interesting because you’ve

altered because food changes a lot of

things but also how your body responds

to Food Matters so now we’re talking

about chronically elevated cortisol

levels changes in how your adrenaline is


now we’re talking about what is your

body doing with its sugars how is your

body moving energy around right and so

that we kind of start to scratch the

surface of things like chronic fatigue

syndrome and fibromyalgia and we talk

about foods and things like this

and what happens with your excess you

know sugars or how your body handles

sugars how your immune system works also


you know what’s going with your bacteria

and your gut and of course that affects

your immune system and so it becomes

this whole thing right

it seems like the blueberries are more

relevant to somebody like me right or to

you know endurance and things over time

so there was another study that had a

similar effect almost the same thing

this was a

randomized control trial in 2019 in the

international Journal of Sports

Nutrition exercise metabolism and they

found the four days of blueberry powder

supplementation lowers blood lactate

response to running but has no effect on

top of the same thing so eat so another

person that likely blueberries would be

good for and we’re going to talk about


either next week or in the special

Workshop I’m preparing for you guys

is somebody who’s got something going on

cognitively or mood-wise depressively

but we’ll talk about those studies later

but we can kind of see hints of it now

when we’re talking about things like

endurance things like continued survival

rather than energy boost type things

like running right


that’s blueberries

another way you can get these like good

sustained carbohydrate boots boosts

right because fruits we talked about you

know the simple carbohydrates that are

going to give you a short boost and the

benefit to a carbohydrate like

blueberries is that in addition to

having that little short sugar boost

that is you know Common to fruit they’ve

got other properties polysaccharides and

things like that that are you know good

for you in other ways like blueberries

right this is why it’s better if you can

have a fruit than a piece of candy to

boost your energy right I think I think

that makes sense

because candy doesn’t have these

chemicals in it that this plant you know

has been created and evolved with this

plant has things because fruits they

think about this fruits want to be eaten

unlike animals which try to run away and

not be eaten

fruits exist and have co-volved with

prey animals and you know one can argue

that this is the design plan for them

from the very beginning that

you eat fruits prey eats fruits and then

those seeds and things get to travel

further they get fertilized and all the

other things that you eat and then those

seeds can grow so fruits you know become

a plant’s way to further reproduction so

they want you to eat them that is why

they have beautiful colors and smells

they’re being like come here come eat me

so I can make more babies okay

so they were naturally designed to be

something that animals who eat more of

this fruit will live longer because I

want to encourage more animals to eat my

food so I want to support a population

of animals that eat my fruit right

basically that’s it just happens very

naturally remember Evolution doesn’t

happen like in Pokemon from like oh this

turns into this it’s not like that it’s

over a population so it’s a subtractive

event it’s not additive it’s not like

you know the black pepper moths didn’t

suddenly turn white what happened was

you had black and white pepper moths and

depending on the environmental

conditions you know whichever color dies

out based on what tree colors are

available to hide them from the birds

that are trying to eat them right same


it’s a subtractive event

prey animals that die of bad health

life right and if prey animals that eat

blueberries live longer

well then you’re going to only have prey

animals around that want to eat

blueberries right so it becomes just

very natural within the population for

both the coevolution of the plant and

the animal

to have a blueberry be healthy for you

it just happens naturally because

the blueberries that have healthy things

end up

surviving more

because they’re able to drop more babies

because the surviving animals can take

their seeds and spread them further does

that make sense that’s like a quick

primer on population Evolution and

co-evolution so

fruits I have

and truly got these benefits for you

and specifically natural fruits not

really man bread fruits like apples tend

to be very nutritionally deficient

compared to fruits like blueberries

which have co-evolved with birds and a

lot of other creatures naturally berries

in general tend to have lots and lots

and lots and lots of good things in them

for you


versus Apple’s most Apple varieties have

been cultivated and altered by people

and so they didn’t just naturally have

all these things that are good for you

in them so and it’s kind of that way

with a lot of fruit so

you know berries get berries in you

because they have that carb sugar boost

but they also have these other things in

them that are good for you some of which

like the blueberry polysaccharides are

energy boosting I hope that made sense I

hope that wasn’t too complex

or confusing but it


that’s one group of foods to start

including is things like berries

especially dark colored berries in

nature something that’s dark colored

usually means that it has more high

energy or high power chemicals in it

we can go into great depth on that at

another time but certain molecules

within the energy you know how to put

this certain molecules when they are hit

by light release


photons on the energy Spectrum

and things that have more complex high

energy bonds within the molecule will

tend to release more of darker color

photons there’s a lot of detail that can

um here’s a here’s a way to put it that

everyone will understand chlorophyll

chlorophyll is how plants collect energy

from the Sun and turn it into something

that they can store right we all learn

that in biology chlorophyll is the

little stacked molecule that gives

plants their green color so a plant that

has a lot of chlorophyll will be darker

green right and conversely a plant that

has a lot of chlorophyll will also be

getting more energy from the Sun

therefore you can logically understand

that a darker green plant which is

getting more energy from the Sun is

storing more energy has more energy for

you for you to eat I hope that makes

sense and there’s many other plant

analogs that are like chlorophyll that

are different molecules that are Reds

Blues purples and things like that

so I believe tomatoes are red because of

the lycopines which have their

anti-cancer effect but that’s a

different conversation entirely


wines dark red wines also that’s why

dark red wine is healthier for you than

a white wine because it’s got that those

high energy molecules in right so

logically what you want to be eating is

colorful foods not potatoes and starches

and corns and you know white bread you

want to eat things that are dark and

colorful okay

so that should right away help you think

when you go into the supermarket and

you’re looking for hey I want something

so that throughout my week I’m going to

have more energy

you know it’s like I’m looking for dark

rainbow plants that that’s right away

gonna make your life a little bit easier

so fruits I think I said enough about


are not good


thank you



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