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If you’re reading this, you’re special–just being on this page means you’re thinking about taking the next step on your healthcare journey. I love that! I can’t wait to meet you. In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of free resources for helping with your depression or mental health over at my Youtube, and just for being here, I’d like to offer you some free wellness research straight from me on the science of relaxation. Science and hugs, right in your inbox.

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8/19/2022 Herbals and Essential Oils: How Do I Find Health Alternatives Without Getting Poisoned?

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I’m an allopathic physician with a heart for healthy, plant-based diets–but I also took additional herbal and alternative medicine training in medical school. Throughout my career I’ve gone out of my way to spend time ruminating over studies that debunk or support various plant-based treatments–because I understand, in a world where everyone wants to sell you something, that patients often struggle to know who to trust. Let’s learn to dig into the studies so you can trust yourself. We’ll research herbs and essential oils YOU ask about, and you may come away with some simple, life-altering ideas for your health.

The Wellness Project:

Originally designed for the US military, The Wellness Project is my seminal, most important, most life-changing health work. Embark on this journey with me, follow the research-driven instructions, and take control of your health.

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Sexual health:

Missed my sexual health workshop? Get a replay and take control of your sex life:

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Join me as we answer your questions about everything from STD prevention to improved bedroom pleasure, pain on intercourse, intercourse after assault, intercourse after menopause, and all of the other biopsychosocial issues surrounding a healthy sex life. Also includes information on how to book a couples’ consultation with me!

Herbals and alternatives research consultation:

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Let’s answer that burning supplement, herbal, or weird treatment question you’ve got–with science, so no one takes advantage of you. I’ll dig into the research and provide you with a list of studies to make the most informed decision!

Health coaching:

Stuck with your health. Frustrated with your healthcare system. Tired of hearing “no” for an answer. I hear you! In general, my private one-on-one health coaching program is for those coping with a chronic or orphan illness, who are feeling a bit stuck, and need someone to come alongside them and dig up new options. It’s also for those who’d like accountability with weight loss, smoking cessation, and other similar lifestyle changes. Get in touch and I’ll see if I can help! If you’d like information about my private health coaching program, email me at jen (at) with the subject line HEALTH COACHING and we can see if we’re a good fit for each other. Here’s more information.

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Travel medicine, sexual health, and primary care openings.

Healthcare By Jen Finelli Veldhuyzen

And, whoever you are, I want to take the chance to thank you for stopping by, and encourage you not to give up on your health. I absolutely know that feeling of hopelessness myself. I want the chance to change your health forever, and I don’t have that option unless you’re dedicated to change–but even just a tiny bit of hope will go a long way. I truly can’t wait to meet you.

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