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It’s Jen Finelli here, physician with fibromyalgia, and I’ve got a little talk I gave for free analyzing some of the evidence for a food you may want to add into your normal diet rotation. I’d also like to shout out a great article in Healthline with beautifully cited sources that serves as a great […]

I received this question from a viewer a few months ago, and didn’t want to cheat you with a short lIsT oF tOp tEN FOodS tO bOoSt yOuR iMmune blablabla. Those have their place, and I may eat my shirt about this later, but for now, I wanted to get DEEP with you. Is that […]

What conception to birth fetal development looks like: For your fully informed information. Reach out for STD care, sexual healthcare, or for an informed resource consultation if you’re suffering an unplanned pregnancy. You can download epidemiological studies on end-of-pregnancy procedures here. If you’ve suffered reproductive loss, trauma, miscarriage, or your post-abortion symptoms aren’t what […]

I offer limited pay-what-you-want primary care telehealth visits for residents of Virginia, Texas, and Guam here! Book with I can order you labs, medications, and radiology while answering your healthcare questions. I’ve got special support and skill for sexual health, and travel medicine. Note that I don’t prescribe controlled substances. Because of my own health […]

I want to put the power for your healthcare back into YOUR hands. Like if you’re having trouble getting to the bottom of your disease process. Or the doctor tells you there’s no cure. Or “there’s nothing wrong with you.” I want to break that wall, and as a physician, I was always pretty good […]

If you’re on your way out of the country, I’d love to help you get the health information you need before you go. I’m a world-traveling physician with experience on four continents swimming with sharks, hiking jungles, dodging through underground urban tunnels, and generally getting messy, so as a member of the Wilderness Medicine Society […]

I found out early on in my career that there’s a huge lack of sexual health care support, especially for couples embarrassed about sexual success in the bedroom–and many physicians just aren’t taught even the basics of sexual performance health in medical school, since it’s often just not life-threatening. I’d like to change this, and […]

It’s hard sometimes to know what’s BS and what’s real. I hear that. That’s why I did extra time in medical school and during my internship following acupuncturists, studying herbals, and learning biostatistics to better understand how to evaluate research studies. Everyone SAYS they’re here to help you, but as you know, that’s not always […]

Take control of your health with life-changing information usually locked behind expensive doctor’s portals and nebulous research studies. You shouldn’t have to resort to Googling and exploring fringe sites to find real information, either. In my workshops, we’ll break down the medical-school-quality info, and then bust through your questions with the latest research I’ve got. […]