Telehealth and home visits

Health Coaching

I want to put the power for your healthcare back into YOUR hands.

Like if you’re having trouble getting to the bottom of your disease process.

Or the doctor tells you there’s no cure.

Or “there’s nothing wrong with you.”

I want to break that wall, and as a physician, I was always pretty good at digging and not giving up.

If you’re stuck, I’d like to help you find the next answer when there doesn’t seem to be one.

Pay-What-You-Want Health research coaching includes:

  • Someone digging into the literature to find you new answers for your chronic suffering
  • Someone to come alongside you and come up with ACTIONABLE items you can do every week to improve your health
  • Weekly half-hour visits with Dr. Jen Finelli via video, voice, or live chat
  • Letters to your doctor, or employers, to advocate for you, find new treatments, or explain sick days
  • Regular handouts, resources, and evidence-based projects from such evidence-based schools of thought as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and others
  • Free access to Jen Finelli’s WELLNESS PROJECT (valued at over $1000 of research)
  • Free access to all Jen Finelli’s medical self-care courses (such as the sexual health success course)
  • *Labs/rads/med orders if you’re located in Virginia, Texas, or Guam

I can’t take everyone. In general, my private one-on-one health coaching program is for those coping with a chronic or orphan illness who’ve gotten to feeling a bit stuck, and need someone to come alongside to encourage them not to give up.

It’s also for those who’d like accountability with weight loss, smoking cessation, and other similar lifestyle changes.

And finally, it’s for those who’ve become discouraged with a stagnant health system and want the information to make change a reality on their own.

In this capacity I will offer general education and assist you in finding answers to your general questions about human health, functioning as your personal repository for research information.

I will use my expertise to generate evidence-based lists of possible solutions and health improvements that you can bring to your primary care provider for their ultimate diagnosis and treatment, and I will gladly write letters to your primary care provider on your behalf to advocate for any research solutions we find that might help you.

I will use my understanding of medical systems and practices to support your personal, self-led, self-care and self-improvement.

And we’ll meet every week to push you along on your journey.

Let’s get started. Contact me at jen (at) to see if we’re a fit for this special relationship.