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I found out early on in my career that there’s a huge lack of sexual health care support, especially for couples embarrassed about sexual success in the bedroom–and many physicians just aren’t taught even the basics of sexual performance health in medical school. I’d like to change this, and with my trauma-informed experience with patients ranging from LGBT youth to highly religious folks, I’m able to offer confidential, affordable couple’s consultation, with income-based support available. You’re welcome to apply for a couples’ consultation below, or, if you live in Texas or Virginia, I’d love to help with your general sexual health care, from lab orders and contraceptive counseling to STD care and more.

My sexual health background

I had extensive extra time studying cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy as a provider credentialed for basic behavioral health care in the military–in the earliest days of my career, I even interned learning Applied Behavioral Analysis. Because I’m not a therapist, but rather a general practitioner by trade, I’m able to incorporate the physical biology into the behavioral struggles many young couples face, with experience ranging from male erectile dysfunction to postmenopausal sexual pain. As the 215 BSB Battalion Surgeon during my time in the military, I led my brigade in maintaining a population-level pap standard and developed a new counseling standard for sexually transmitted diseases, with hundreds of pelvic exams and sexual health visits under my belt. I was even credentialed in procedures for Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) like Nexplanon and Mirena, and during my intern years I finished the entire continuity delivery requirements for a three-year residency in one year.

Later, as a 2ID Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiner and Sexual Assault Care Provider in Korea, I was an on-call sexual assault forensic (SAFE) exam provider for Camp Humphries and a qualified graduate of Army SAMFE program, with training on both survivors and suspects. I submitted written testimony to FORCECOM investigations of Fort Hood and worked with 3BEB Chaplain to develop leader-education brief to improve survivor support, and provided specialized primary care for survivors in the months post-assault included long-term STD, contraceptive, sleep, and other trauma-informed continuity healing. I supported development of strangulation protocol for 2ID and for 3rd Brigade and transitioned seven acute male and female assault victims in seven months in addition to chronic survivors in 215th BSB. Later I worked with the Birdwell Foundation to create a manual for sexual assault survivors, and I continue to give talks on Twitch and in person on the biological and social issues of sexual assault.

Because of my history degree and multicultural past studying multiple religions, as well as ethical training and patient expertise, I’m able to help you even if you have religious limits or concerns on your sexual health. I’ve read the Christian Bible and Jewish Tanakh through, often in multiple languages, including Hebrew, and I have experience with Buddhist and Islamic texts as well. I’m trained in contraceptive options that do not destroy an embryo, and also in LGBT care and post-abortive care, with personal experience in these areas. No matter where you are in your walk, we can find a solution that respects your beliefs and improves your health.

So how do you sign up for a consultation with me?

1. Couples’ consultations:

I only offer limited spots, so to be eligible, start by making sure you’ve gone through all my prerequisite self-care resources:

Download on

Once we’re on the same page, and you’ve obtained my self-care resources, we’ll discuss the best time and price for your consultation (starts at $40 per couple, but is negotiable). You may not even need a consultation with me after looking over the self-care resources! (Yay saving time and money) If you still need a consultation with me, all the information for booking is in the self-care resources packet.

2. You can also join one of my sexual health workshops.

They’re anonymous, in-depth opportunities to get your questions answered with real research no matter where you are in the world, without the hassle of establishing a patient relationship.
Find the next workshop here.

3. You can book a compassionate, nonjudgmental sexual health appointment now.

If you’re a resident of Texas, Virginia, or Guam, and you need help with STD testing, PREP, bacterial vaginosis, contraceptives, erectile dysfunction, pregnancy testing, or other basic gyn and male health issues, book a telehealth or in-home patient appointment with me here on Zocdoc:

Healthcare By Jen Finelli Veldhuyzen

Special preference given to sexual assault survivors and folks in crisis pregnancy seeking resources.
I look forward to working for you.