Telehealth and home visits


I offer limited pay-what-you-want primary care telehealth visits for residents of Virginia, Texas, and Guam here!

Healthcare By Jen Finelli Veldhuyzen

I can order you labs, medications, and radiology while answering your healthcare questions. I’ve got special support and skill for sexual health, and travel medicine.

Note that I don’t prescribe controlled substances. Because of my own health limitations, I am only accepting a few patients a week, I DO NOT offer clinic visits–home and telehealth only. I want to use the limited energy I have to give 100 percent to the patients I can help.

I do notice, often, that many people already have a primary care physician, and what people really need is more of a health research coach to help them navigate their chronic illnesses, stay motivated, and get advocacy for themselves in the healthcare system.

Because of my experience with mental illness and chronic pain, both as a patient and as a provider, and my passion for healthcare literature and research, I’m uniquely equipped to walk with you through your difficult journey. If you’re interested in having someone research new treatments for you, write letters for you to your physician, help you stay motivated, and help you break through the things holding you back in your health…

Let’s talk about pay-what-you-want health research coaching.